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The Curacao Foundation Story

In 2002, we decided we needed to do more for the community, so we created the Curacao Foundation. ​Our aim was to empower Latinos to be engaged, respected and integrated members of society.

Over the years we hosted multiple community events, provided scholarships and necessary products to individuals and funded non-profits and natural disaster relief programs. Our first initiative began in 2004 with community events which later expanded to individual and organizational aid in the following years and continues to evolve into better strategies to enrich our people.


The First Store Opening

After noticing a need within the Latino community for valuable resources—such as jobs, credit and the ability to purchase large ticket items—founder Jerry Azarkman opens the first store, El Curacao. It would grow to being one of the largest Latino-centric retailers in the nation with 11 stores throughout California, Nevada and Arizona.


The Curacao Foundation Begins

With a deep desire to give back to the Latino community that made the retail chain such a success, the Curacao Foundation is born with a mission to provide resources and services to the community to help strengthen and empower the people.


The Beginnings

Our foundation starts organizing and hosting multiple annual events, including the annual Kid’s Event, Brilla Una Estrella and the New Year's Event. The same year we also participate in the Rose Parade, sponsoring Danda de Puebla, a Latin American band.


Continuing the Empowerment

We continue hosting events and introducing new community enrichment initiatives, such as an inter-league soccer cup. During the annual Rose Parade, we sponsor more Latin American bands including Banda de Costa Rica, Banda de Sonora and Banda de Veracruz.


Assistance Large & Small

Our foundation’s focus expands to providing individual assistance and donating to impactful organizations. In the following years, we provide dozens of scholarships to over-achieving students; donate cars, mattresses and baby supplies to people within the community; and organize special events for needy individuals.


A Fresh Start

To address the more urgent concerns emerging in the community, the foundation changes its name to the Curacao Foundation, shifting its focus from individualized solutions to more integral, encompassing community solutions.

curacao foundation

Healing a Community

At a time when immigrant children were being ripped apart from their families, our foundation felt the responsibility to step in and do something. We host our first ever Latinos United concert benefiting immigrant advocacy nonprofits.

latino concert

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