Curacao Foundation present Alejandra Guzman in concert

Wednesday October 30th

Join us in the fight against breast cancer with an intimate concert by renowned Mexican singer and breast cancer survivor Alejandra Guzmán, presented by Curacao Foundation in support of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Since 2002, the Curacao Foundation has supported over five thousand families through our direct assistance program and supported over 1,400 organizations in education, immigration, and health and well-being that provide programs and services to the communities we serve.     

For every purchase made, a percentage will benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Your support funds scientific research, community health programs and educational programs for communities in need. Join us at our benefit concert on Wednesday  October 30th, 8pm at The Mayan Theater.       

If you make a purchase in any one of our stores or online, you are automatically entered in our sweepstakes to win a pair of tickets.  

You do not need to make a purchase to participate. Enter our raffle for free at

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