Curacao Employees Volunteer with One Tree Planted for Earth Day

In continuation with the Curacao Foundation’s partnership with One Tree Planted—an organization focused on planting trees in deforested areas—Curacao employees joined a mass of Angelenos for the Friends of the LA River’s Earth Day river cleanup on April 20, 2019.

Curacao employees spent the day at the Lewis McAdams Riverfront Park accompanied by thousands of locals picking up trash and beautifying the Los Angeles River.

The environmental initiative comes as part of Curacao Foundation and One Tree Planted’s partnership during the foundation’s One Purchase, One Tree campaign. The two organizations joined forces to encourage people to shop while bettering the environment during the Mother’s Day shopping season. 

“The Curacao Foundation is committed to protecting our planet by raising awareness through the critical and diverse actions we engage in. We do it not only through our One Purchase, One Tree campaign but also through our day of service,” Curacao Foundation Director Sophia Cortez said.

“As a corporate citizen that is committed to being an active community partner it is critical to promote the preservation of our beautiful planet on Earth Day.” 

Through April 22, 2019 to May 12, 2019, for every gift purchased at any Curacao store, the Curacao Foundation pledges to plant one tree for Mother Earth. The proceeds gathered during the campaign will be donated to One Tree Planted who will plant the trees in fire-affected areas of California and Arizona. 

The foundation hopes to reach their goal of 10,000 trees. 

“We do all of this in the spirit of helping our planet and to remind us why it is so important to preserve it in the present and for future generations, ” Cortez said.

The Curacao Foundation lends a hand at the Tijuana border

 2018 presented itself as a troubling year for immigrants. As a wave of asylum-seeking refugees tirelessly trekked their way from turbulous Central American countries, the political climate in Washington made it difficult for the asylum seekers to plead their cases. 

It created a situation where over 5,000 Central American migrants were in dire need of shelter, clothing, food, and legal representation. They were suddenly stuck in limbo, making the Tijuana border a temporary home. 

Far away from home, family, with little supplies and comfort, the Curacao Foundation decided they needed to do something. 

Back in October 20, 2018, the Curacao Foundation held the Latinos United Concert to raise funds to donate to immigrant advocacy organizations, but the Curacao Foundation realized they also needed to do something more hands-on. 

So, a coalition including representatives from the Curacao Foundation, El Rescate and Honduran United of Los Angeles assisted at the Salesian Project and the El Barretal Shelter in Tijuana, on December 8, 2018 to provide legal counseling, legal workshops and give children, women and adolescents clothing, food and humanitarian assistance.

“This is a humanitarian crisis. These are people who are fleeing violence and persecution in their home countries and they need our help to navigate the complicated legal process. This is yet another effort that showcases Curacaos’ commitment to the community,” Curacao Foundation Director Sophia Cortez said.

To further help refugees with food, clothing, medicines and legal aid, the Curacao Foundation along with El Rescate and Tu Vision Foundation is also working on organizing the Estamos Con Ustedes concert. They hope to raise  $100,000 and use part of the funds to provide legal orientation and counseling workshops to assist refugees in the process of applying for asylum in the United States. The concert will be held on Saturday, January 26, 2019, from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. in the Los Angeles Curacao store parking lot. Tickets will be given away with a minimum donation of $20 on the event’s GoFundMe page.

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